Is it time to Refinance Your Home?


There are many reasons why homeowners choose to refinance their home. You can save time and money by lowering your rate or shortening the term on your loan. If you have equity in your home, you may even qualify to take out additional funds to use for other expenses, such as tuition, a new car or a home improvement project.

Typically, you would refinance to lower your rate, or perhaps you have a variable rate and want to get a fixed rate so you do not have to worry about the uncertainty of your rate going up during the term of the loan. You will also want to factor in mortgage closing costs, application fees, appraisal fees and other charges that may significantly eat up your savings.

Another possibility, if you’re looking to refinance your mortgage is to consider a home equity loan. If you qualify to refinance your first mortgage with a home equity loan, you could potentially save thousands in closing costs and other fees.

Run the numbers and see how much you will saving in the end. You can find mortgage calculator online to help you. When you are reviewing your mortgage, you should consider rates, types of mortgages, monthly payments, fees associate with the loan, closing costs, and how long you plan to be in your home. There are plenty of reasons to refinance your home; however, some of them may not be beneficial. Before you make the decision to refinance, you should evaluate your long-term financial goals.